Teen Top

Kaayy , I got a question from somebody asking whos my fav
member in ‘ Teen Top ‘ Weell The anwser is ‘ Chunji ‘ . If you dont
know Who ‘ Teen Top ‘ is they are a Rookie Kpop Group . They are
made up of 7 members . The youngest age would be 16.5 . Wowww .
Thats reallly young ! (: Here are the members name . C.A.P Chunji
L.Joe Neil Ricky Changjo Anywayy heres a picture of Chunji.


~ by xxnalitaxx on December 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Teen Top”

  1. He’s a cutie ;D

  2. WHY YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT THIS GROUP EH? The youngest is really young.

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