Chunji – Teen Top

Its Chunji Time ! (:
Chunji is a loving cute 17 Year Old . (:
Chunji is apart of a kpop group called Teen Top . They are made up of 6 members . CAP , Chunji , Changjo , Niel , L.Joe , Ricky .
In Teen Top , Chunji is the Power Voice . (:
Check out there song ‘ Clap Clap ‘
Mmmhhh . Weeelll Lets seee , I Have Plenty of men ., Butt Chunji Is My Husband . Juss bec hes closer to my age (: Weeell Heres a couple of pictures of Chunji.


~ by xxnalitaxx on December 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Chunji – Teen Top”

  1. Lol(: Thats right you have a lot of boys.

  2. OMG HE DA SEXY! ❤

  3. and my husabannnd! hehe

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