Eli – U-Kiss

Heey Everyone ! , Its U-Kiss Eli ! (: ❤
Eli , You get it his Name is Eli , Which has ‘ li ‘ in it . Juss like the word ‘Lie ‘ get it ?
Hhaha. Weel Eli is in a group call U-Kiss , which is made up of 7 members.
Elis Real Name is ; Kim Kyoung Jae , But he goes by Eli.
His Birthday is March 13 ,1991, His position in U-Kiss is , ‘ Rapper , Dancer ‘
His height is 180cm  , his Weight is 70kg , Blod type is O . He was Actually born in Los Angeles , and Actually moved to Washington D.C. He has Two Sisters , Younger & Older. So hes the Middle . He practiced Taekwondo when he was 12 years.  form then on he went to CHINA , to train to become a actor , & in CHINA he learned how to do Marital Arts, & Mandrain. Hes Also been called ‘ Pigeon ‘ . Hes About 19 years. Hes The one who got the looks in U-KISS ! (: <3. While he was in America he Actually ‘ Daated atleast 10 girls ! , ): ‘ He also does a show called ‘ Pops in Seoul ‘ with 2 other members , Those are ‘ Alexander , Kevin ‘ I watched The one episode when they talk about ‘2pm ‘  and they played a game where they had to imatate a picture , While Eli , got A CAMAL , I started cracking up. Juss bec his face is Pricceless . Heres a link for you guys.  ‘ BTW ; I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO !  ‘
Hope You Guys Enjoyed readings this (: Hope you guys will laugh at the video ! (:
Byyee Byee , Noww ! (: ❤


~ by xxnalitaxx on December 19, 2010.

6 Responses to “Eli – U-Kiss”

  1. CAMAL! Ooouh LOL!
    Amazing post Lita! ;D

  2. I’ma spam YO!

  3. CAMAL!
    Chicka chicka boom! xD

  4. iight I’m done LOL

  5. Lol, the website said “your posting to quickly, slow down.”

  6. So he was born in AMERICA! :O He the first one that I know that was born in America. Great article/post. What ever you call it!

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