Ring Ding Dong

Weeell heres another blog about my Life 😛
Im Going to get some question anwsered for you guys , that might get asked a lot .

Q : What Grade Are You In ?
A: 7th ,

Q: Whens Your Birthday ?
A: June 26th .

Q: Are you a Kpop Fan ?
A: Yess , Yess i amm !

Q: Wat Race Are You ?
A: Asian ‘ Lao , Thai , Half Korean . ‘

Q: What’s Your Fav Song ?
A: Really Dont Have One , I Like all Kinds (: ( K-POP )

Q: Fav Store to shop ?
A: Abercrombie & Fitch .

Q: Fav Kpop Group ?
A: Ohh , I Have Lots . ! (:

Q: Fav color ?
A: Blue , Red , Green , Purple , & More !

Q:Have any Kpop Posters ?
A: Yess indeedd ! (:

Q: Are you going to make more blogs about different groups/ Members ?
A: Indeed , I amm ! (:

Q: Fav Pop ?
A: Dr.Pepper (: 

I made this juss bec i might get asked these questions alot . So Yeahh . Mmmh ,But yeahh . So feel Free to ask me questions , i love them . Its fun to reply back and everything ! (: So yeahh .


~ by xxnalitaxx on December 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Ring Ding Dong”

  1. I already KNOW YOU! Kind of. I have a question and it will be recently ask: Do you LOVE Dr.Pepper?

  2. Do you? Do you really? O.o

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