Lalala , LIFE. My life is like no ordnairy Life. My Life is spent looking at a screeen full of Koreans (:

These are some Dramas im watching .
1. Cinderella’s Sister (K)
2. We Got Married, (K)

Drama’s i want to watch .
1.Its Okay Daddy’s daughter (K)
2.Secret Garden (K)
3.I am Ledgend (K)

Drama’s i already watched .
1. BBF / BOF  (K)
2.Michevious Kiss (K)
3. The Lady who still wants to marry (K)
4.Attack On The PinUp Boys (K)

Any Suggestions on what else should i watch ?
Hehhhee . ^^~
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Kaayy , Bye Now ! , Talk to you sooon . (: Here are some pictures Of me . >_<


~ by xxnalitaxx on December 19, 2010.

One Response to “LaLaLaLaLaLa`”

  1. Your life is full of Korean(: (Thats a good thing!)

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